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The classic, comfortable, and warm choice for your home.


Durable and ready for everything life has to throw at it.


The “gold standard” of the flooring world that everything else is trying to replicate.


Modern, versatile and easy to maintain.

Luxury Vinyl

New, modern, durable and fashionable.

Flooring is the fashion accessory of the home. Flooring is Style!

We fit every budget. From a full concierge service to consultation or a consumer getting hands on, Simplified Flooring can get your project handled from start to finish.

Reliable Floor Installers in Lima, OH

Is it time for new floors in your home? At Simplified Flooring, our installers provide reliable flooring service to transform your home with beautiful flooring. We offer durable, affordable options to suit every style, and we work closely with you to choose the appropriate flooring type and color. We then install it with accuracy and efficiency so you can start enjoying your home’s new look as soon as possible.

Variety of Flooring Types

It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you want or your budget; we offer several options to add new flooring to any room in your home. Our flooring choices include:

  • Tile flooring
  • Luxury vinyl flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Waterproof wood flooring
  • Carpet installation

Our designers meet with you to discuss your requirements and ensure you find the ideal flooring to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Enjoy Beautiful Flooring with Professional Installation

We’re located in Lima, OH but service all around the area! We strive to provide the best flooring service for every customer. We can help you choose the best flooring options for any room in your home, and then install it with precision and care. You can count on us to provide prompt service to minimize disruption to your daily routine and give you the beautiful, durable flooring you’re looking for. It’s our goal to provide stellar customer service and quality workmanship.

Why should you use Simplified Flooring? There is no one reason or marketing line that we could answer that question with. It is just a feeling that our customers walk away with. They just know that they want to do business with us. We strive to help our customers find the right product for the right budget and fit all that into something that they are going to love to live on.

Ken Waldroup

Owner, Simplified Flooring

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Buying flooring should not be like a root canal. The process of buying product from us should be simple. Whether you are interacting with our office staff, sales staff, installers, you are dealing with people who are genuinely interested in your happiness.

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